Design and Innovation

The product of constant innovation and refinement for more than 50 years, Yamaha continues to deliver the most fun, reliable and highest performing boats on the water. Take a closer look at how this commitment sets Yamaha apart and creates a better experience on the water for our customers.

The Yamaha Wakebooster

Yamaha WakeBooster is a custom manufactured, patent pending accessory that attaches to the stern tie downs and pulls water energy into the center of the wake, creating a larger, cleaner wave for surfing. See it in the Yamaha Surf Package.

Assembled in the USA

Yamaha boats are proudly assembled by Yamaha Jet Boat Manufacturing in Vonore, Tennessee. The 42-acre Vonore manufacturing facility borders Lake Tellico and serves as the primary point of Yamaha boat production for the USA, Canada, and select International markets.

The state-of-the-art facility has more than 450 employees and was recently expanded to include an additional 7 acres - with 36,000 additional square feet for future boat production.

The Most Perfected Jet Drive System in the Industry

Yamaha's renowned internal propulsion system is not only reliable and fuel-efficient, it also offers the highest level of freedom achievable on the water.

The concept is simple: Water is pulled through internally housed propellers and pushed out through marine engines with high thrust points.

This technology eliminates the need for an exposed drivetrain, allowing Yamaha boats to plane quicker with less bow rise. The minimal draft makes navigating shallow areas easy.

But the benefits don’t end there - internal propulsion eliminates the need for a bulky engine hatch, opening up an expansive swim platform where family and friends can relax close to the water.

Faster Planing


Shallow Water Clearance


No Exposed Lower Unit




SurfPointe™ is a new patent-pending technology that improves the surfability of the wake produced by Yamaha’s wake series of boats, the 2018 212X and 242X models.

Working with pro athletes, Yamaha engineers sought to find the ideal jet-drive nozzle position to create a wake with a clean face and a more-powerful surf pocket.

The result is an improved surf wave with added push for better rideability without compromising the boat's handling or performance.

One of the best features of SurfPointe is that it is always on. There are no buttons to push and nothing to program.

Advanced Responsive Handling

Yamaha’s Advanced Responsive Handling Package has revolutionized jet boat handling by putting drivers in total control of the driving experience. This innovative suite of Yamaha technologies includes No Wake Mode™, the Thrust Directional Enhancer and patented Articulating Keel for immediate steering response.


This patented design extends the boat’s keel and moves in perfect relation to the jet pump nozzles to provide directional stability and maximum control while docking or maneuvering around other boats.


Sets optimum engine speed and maximizes jet thrust for No Wake zones.


Directs water thrust at the perfect angle for more responsive handling at slow speeds.

Yamaha Engines

Yamaha marine engines have an unmatched reputation for reliability. They are recognized by boating enthusiasts for their dependability, robust power and fuel efficient design. Our clean burning 4-stroke engines have all earned an ultra-low emissions rating. Compact and lightweight, they also possess superb power-to-weight ratios for outstanding performance throughout the RPM range. In 2016, Yamaha’s newest TR-1 engine received the prestigious engine innovation award from the National Marine Manufacturer’s Association (NMMA).

Connext™ Technology

Yamaha’s exclusive all in one touchscreen helm control system integrates the boat’s entertainment features, operation functions, and essential system information. This award-winning display features an intuitive icon driven interface, a high-resolution glare proof display, and offers the ability to change screens and control functions via the LCD touchscreen or joystick control.

On Yamaha’s new E-Series™ boats, which feature Connext 2.0, drivers can program profiles that include target speed, acceleration, and ballast settings to enable a personalized and consistent towing experience.

Yamaha Premium E-Series™

Yamaha’s highest trim level, the E-Series, features innovations including drive-by-wire throttles, enhanced Connext functionality, and a host of upgraded features and details.

Drive-by-wire technology ensures smooth acceleration and throttle control while automatically synchronizing engine RPM levels and providing for a single-lever mode for ease of operation. 

Connext for E-Series includes a special drive control tab that offers a fully customizable driving experience with advanced wakesports capabilities. 

The forward-swept aluminum tower features an integrated Bimini™ Top and a solar trickle-charger system that extends battery life. In addition, the 242X E-Series features 1500lbs of programmable ballast, dual swing-in wakeboard racks, and a 1000-watt stereo system with a 10-speaker sound bar.